Who I am

My name is Alfonso. If you are reading this page my guess is that you want to know a little bit more about me. So, let’s start with who I am.

In 2011, Morpheo showed me the road that I should start walking and I took the red pill (I really like this metaphor from The Matrix, because it describes rather well what happened to me at that point in my life). I realized I was lost and I decided to take the opportunity that Morpheo gave me to start a journey that I wasn’t sure where it would take me. I started walking hoping to find a destination. It took me a few more years to find out that there was no destination, just walking, running or crawling down the road is all that matters. It’s a road with ups and downs, fear, pain, joy, tears… but at the end of the day a road worth walking.

Today, I wake up every day doing my best to walk down that road a little more. This is who I am.

What I do for a living

I’ve been a full-stack web developer for about 15 years. In my first years I was using PHP. I switched to Ruby on Rails in 2013 and have been using that technology since then.

Nowadays, I’m working at the DevOps team of Platform161 with a group of amazing people.

I’m also an IT trainer/teacher. I’ve developed a git course that is helping a lot of teams to stop struggling with git and start using it like pros!!

Other things about me

I like to host rescued animals. I live with my girlfriend, one dog rescued in 2010, a cat we found abandoned in the street in October 2018 (she weighted 120 gr. back then) and another 5 months old rescued cat that join our family in August 2020.